Minimum Parking Footprint and Heat Island Effect

Minimizing the parking footprint at The Brewery site is conducive to maximizing the use of the site, compact development and the reduction of the Heat Island Effect.

The Brewery Project accomplished this by limiting surface parking to two relatively small areas, the construction of a centrally located multistory parking structure and the creation of lower level parking in individual buildings.

brewery heat island photo1 Heat Island Effect
The Heat Island Effect is when roof and non-roof areas absorb the sun's heat and raises the ambient air temperature. The higher air temperature will then increase the need for greater air cooling and ventilation.

Reflective Site Areas
The site planning and design of The Brewery addresses heat island reduction by minimizing the amount of surface parking, increasing sidewalk reflectivity, creating vegetated areas and the shading of hard surfaces with many newly planted trees.

brewery heat island photo2

Vegetated Roof
The Boiler House Office Building (Building 10) has a green roof that is 4,500 square feet in area and can retain approximately 75,950 gallons of rainwater a year. The vegetated roof reduces the amount of roof rainwater entering the combined sewer, roof heat build-up and increases the insulation value of the roof.

brewery heat island photo3

The Reflected Roof Areas
The Brewery propert owners are reducing the Heat Island Effect with the construction of vegetated roofs and providng highly reflective roof surfaces.

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